Become a landlord by an outright purchase of a fully completed house in any of our estates and move in the next day. This product also has a mortgage option for the completion of payment and ownership of the house.
For subscribers who intend to buy and sell Real Estate, this offer comes with a buy back option from Orange housing within a minimum of 6 months with a fixed premium rate better than other institutional investment options. This secures the returns on unit(s) purchased and is best for early subscribers.
We offer two flexible payment types, Milestone and Fixed interval. • Milestone option: Subscribers pay based on milestone deliverables reached, and can see the quality of work done before paying for the work done. • Fixed Interval: Subscribers can pay a fixed amount monthly or quarterly. We have a facilitated mortgage plan for individuals who need support in the completion of their payments.
Investors can benefit from this scheme by Investing in Orange Housing with fixed quarterly returns on investment (with rates better than other institutional investment options) till expiration of Investment period. This creates passive income and risk is shared across our various projects..
This offer is for large groups or cooperatives, and they benefit from a group discount and more flexible offers. Cooperative mortgage scheme is also available
Our realtor programme partners with realtors, both individuals and organizations, in the marketing and sale of our houses with impressive commissions.